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Are your students and faculty being affected by poor cellular service?

In today’s competitive academic environment, students and faculty look for the availability of fast, secure wireless connections when choosing a college for their degree or career. If your campus’ cellular connection cuts out or experiences weak spots and dead zones, students and faculty will not have access to the apps and broadband services they have come to take for granted. It’s no surprise that poor campus-wide coverage could be affecting convenience, quality of life, and campus safety for your students and staff. A rock-solid cellular network should be the foundation for faculty, students, maintenance crews and public safety officials to …Continue Reading

Should we upgrade our DAS if we purchased a few years ago?

If your DAS system was implemented three or four years ago, chances are it does not support LTE (long term evolution). Should you find that you’re in need of high speed data for mobile devices, it could be time to look at an upgraded DAS that will support 4G technologies. We welcome the opportunity to discuss what applications your employees really need to have and what coverage looks like inside your building.

Which cellular carriers will DAS support?

Reliable DAS systems today will support a wide range of carrier frequencies. For example, if you were only interested in voice, we could seamlessly implement a system that will give you the frequencies from the major carriers that are used for voice communications. At any point, should you decide to implement LTE (long term evolution) or 4G coverage, we can assist you in creating your custom communication service.

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I know in everyday operations people never get the praise they deserve, the tower crew that you sent down to install the cable for the Holcomb Hill Tower far exceeded all expectations. Their professionalism and pride was very clear at the quality of their work. This was my first experience in observing tower crews at work and the safety precautions and communications between the two was very impressive, they went above and beyond any expectation I had and would like to pass along the high praise they deserve.  Their work ethic and quality assurance speaks volumes for the reputation of Green Mountain.

Police Chief Robert Garriepy Town of Huntington, MA April 3, 2019