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Is employee productivity being disrupted by poor cellular service?

In today’s competitive business environment, your employees have to rely more and more on fast, secure wireless connections. If the cellular connection in your business cuts out or experiences weak spots and dead zones, your employees may not have the access they need at critical times. Various industry estimates report that 80% of mobile device use occurs indoors. It’s no surprise that poor coverage in your facility could be affecting the efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction of your workforce.

The ‘always on, always available’ nature of business today is straining the coverage and capacity of cellular networks. Many companies are finding that …Continue Reading

What are the common RF & cellular challenges in LEED certified buildings?

As more and more companies are becoming energy efficient and environmentally friendly, we are often finding that the materials used to construct these buildings can repel RF signals; leaving you with subpar cellular coverage inside of your building. That is where Green Mountain Communications can help! We can determine where your coverage is working, where it’s not, and what carriers will work best for your environment. From there we can create a customized proposal for improving voice coverage inside of your building. Interested? Let’s get started!

How the NATE STAR Initiative is Improving Tower Climber Safety

The National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) developed the NATE STAR Initiative program to improve tower climber safety, education, and programs for companies throughout the wireless industry. In its fourth year, the NATE STAR Initiative has reached a record high for program enrollment with 134 participating member companies. The program works to help companies operate under best safety practices for tower climbers and recognize those that adhere to a higher level of safety standards while on the job. NATE’s ultimate goal is to ensure tower climbers make it home safely at the end of each day.

With a focus on safety, …Continue Reading

November 16, 2015

Green Mountain as usual has delivered another quality site on time and within budget