What are the common RF & cellular challenges in LEED certified buildings?

As more and more companies are becoming energy efficient and environmentally friendly, we are often finding that the materials used to construct these buildings can repel RF signals; leaving you with subpar cellular coverage inside of your building. That is where Green Mountain Communications can help! We can determine where your coverage is working, where it’s not, and what carriers will work best for your environment. From there we can create a customized proposal for improving voice coverage inside of your building. Interested? Let’s get started!

What are the benefits of DAS for private schools and colleges?

You’re trying to attract students, that’s the name of the game, the more, you know, you want high quality students coming to your school and paying the tuition, and today’s students are using on average two or three or maybe even more mobile devices, when you consider the cell phone, the tablets, the gaming devices, they sometimes come to school with all three of those.

If they’re not able to use them, they’re not gonna be very happy. If they’re not very happy, mom and dad won’t be very happy paying the tuition bill.

So there’s that aspect of it but there …Continue Reading

How do you educate your customers?

We certainly can help a customer, let’s face it this terminology if you’re not familiar with it can be very confusing, and even for customers that are technical with voice over IP or computer networking have never dealt with Distributed Antenna Systems and carrier cellular signals before.

It can be daunting for them to sort through what type of technology is available, what does the technology mean, what do the various terms mean? So we are very customer focused, and we like to spend time with the customer helping them first understand what it is we’re talking about, understand what the …Continue Reading

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Everything is top-notch. As an RF engineer, I spent many years in the field doing exactly these types of installs and I truly appreciate someone who not only knows what they’re doing but cares a lot about doing a really great job. Exceptional work not only on finishing the job, but also the project team members in getting the work scheduled and quoted in such short notice. Thanks again. I look forward to working with you guys in the future.

Network Engineer Harbor Networks March 5, 2019