Should we upgrade our DAS if we purchased a few years ago?

If your DAS system was implemented three or four years ago, chances are it does not support LTE (long term evolution). Should you find that you’re in need of high speed data for mobile devices, it could be time to look at an upgraded DAS that will support 4G technologies. We welcome the opportunity to discuss what applications your employees really need to have and what coverage looks like inside your building.

Which cellular carriers will DAS support?

Reliable DAS systems today will support a wide range of carrier frequencies. For example, if you were only interested in voice, we could seamlessly implement a system that will give you the frequencies from the major carriers that are used for voice communications. At any point, should you decide to implement LTE (long term evolution) or 4G coverage, we can assist you in creating your custom communication service.

Is employee productivity being disrupted by poor cellular service?

In today’s competitive business environment, your employees have to rely more and more on fast, secure wireless connections. If the cellular connection in your business cuts out or experiences weak spots and dead zones, your employees may not have the access they need at critical times. Various industry estimates report that 80% of mobile device use occurs indoors. It’s no surprise that poor coverage in your facility could be affecting the efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction of your workforce.

The ‘always on, always available’ nature of business today is straining the coverage and capacity of cellular networks. Many companies are finding that …Continue Reading

November 16, 2015

The work completed by Green Mountain exceeded our expectations. Their team was punctual, professional, and consistently delivered high-quality service throughout the duration of the project.