What are the common RF & cellular challenges in LEED certified buildings?

As more and more companies are becoming energy efficient and environmentally friendly, we are often finding that the materials used to construct these buildings can repel RF signals; leaving you with subpar cellular coverage inside of your building. That is where Green Mountain Communications can help! We can determine where your coverage is working, where it’s not, and what carriers will work best for your environment. From there we can create a customized proposal for improving voice coverage inside of your building. Interested? Let’s get started!

What are the benefits of DAS for a property management company?

If you’re marketing your property to new tenants, they expect certain utilities to be available.

They wouldn’t move in if there wasn’t water, they wouldn’t move in if there wasn’t electricity and increasingly tenants are saying to building owners what is the cellular coverage like in this area because I don’t want to move my 500 employees into your building if they can’t use their mobile devices.

So for property owners and property managers the issue of good cellular coverage is now coming to the forefront and they’re having to consider that as part of the overall utility package for their building.

Tired of poor cellular service at work, consider a Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

In today’s business world, customers and employees are relying more and more on the ability to quickly and efficiently access data through wireless networks. If the cellular connection in your business cuts out or experiences weak spots and dead zones, your employees may not be able to send or receive critical mobile calls and texts from customers. Various industry estimates report that 80% of mobile device use occurs indoors. It’s no surprise that poor coverage in your office or building could be affecting worker productivity.

The demand for high-speed cellular and wireless connectivity has increased the need for businesses to deliver …Continue Reading

November 16, 2015

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