What are the benefits of DAS for the health care industry?

So the benefits of a Distributed Antenna System for a hospital, there are a few, hospitals are in the business of trying to attract good quality doctors into their facility to perform services, that’s one way they get their revenue.

And because the doctors don’t work for the hospital necessarily the hospital wants to make sure that there is an environment in the hospital that’s conducive for the doctor to do business.

Doctors like to use their mobile devices to communicate with their office, to communicate with patients, there are applications that are being used, specific healthcare applications that are being used …Continue Reading

How do you educate your customers?

We certainly can help a customer, let’s face it this terminology if you’re not familiar with it can be very confusing, and even for customers that are technical with voice over IP or computer networking have never dealt with Distributed Antenna Systems and carrier cellular signals before.

It can be daunting for them to sort through what type of technology is available, what does the technology mean, what do the various terms mean? So we are very customer focused, and we like to spend time with the customer helping them first understand what it is we’re talking about, understand what the …Continue Reading

How long does it take to install a DAS?

The actual physical installation of the DAS, think of it as you’re installing a couple of network switches and running some cable depending on the condition of the building that we’re going into and if there are any restrictions on when we can work, and the size of the building that can be accomplished in a matter of days.

The tricky part of these is always working with the carrier to get their approval and to figure out how we’re gonna get the signal into the building. Will they bring in one of their base stations or can we put an …Continue Reading

November 16, 2015

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