What differentiates Green Mountain Communications from other DAS vendors?

Well I think its first of all we can point to 20+year experience in implementing these systems, beyond that we like to talk about the investments that we’ve made in the people and the technology that we need to implement these systems.

Because that’s not trivial, having all the test equipment that that’s required, investing in the software that’s required and investing, and making continuous investments in the people to get them trained on the systems and keep them trained on the systems, those are not trivial expenses and I think that’s what sets us apart from a lot of the …Continue Reading

What does a customer need to provide to Green Mountain in order to have a survey completed?

It’s always good to have CAD drawings of the building, that makes it a lot easier to do the benchmarking, or actually to take the benchmarking data that we have and put it onto a map so that we can show you in a very visual way where the antennas should go, where the coverage is strong in the building already and were it needs to be improved.

So CAD drawings, if they’re available, is very, very, very important, and then it helps to know what your environment looks like in terms of number of users you have for each …Continue Reading

Who provides the support for DAS systems?

Green Mountain is a turn-key integrator, so not only will we design and implement the system and get it operational and communicating with the carriers but we’ll provide the ongoing support to keep it in operating the way that you paid for it to be.

Whether that’s working with the carriers if they change their frequencies, or it may be the periodic maintenance checkups that we talked about, making sure that the system are still intact, or it could be training your operators is you had new people coming in and you want them to be able to look at statistics …Continue Reading

November 16, 2015

Our best contractor. On time and complete. Green Mountain continues to be our premier contractor.