How is the DAS system managed?

System management is accomplished in several ways, we always recommend that the customer allow us to have remote access into the system, that way any time of the day or night one of our technicians can remote in look at statistics and determine what’s happening.

We can maybe even make adjustments remotely to the system that will bring it back into operation. We also recommend periodic preventative maintenance checkups where we will come out at least twice a year and look at the cable infrastructure to make sure it’s still sound, that’s especially important if you have an external antenna connected …Continue Reading

Can we implement DAS in phases?

Yes, for example a customer may not have the budget initially to do the entire building, they may want us to cover the heavily trafficked areas such as the first floor, or the cafeteria, or an auditorium where they have a lot of people congregating and we can do that and then as the budget is there in the future add in other floors.

We can also do that with their carriers if they only want to implement the carrier that has, let’s say, 75% of their employee base, we can do that carrier first and then add the other ones …Continue Reading

How does DAS support our public safety & 911 requirements?

Is it mandated in certain towns that you be able to have your public safety frequencies available inside the building? It just makes good business sense. Imagine being in a shopping mall and an incident occurs whether that’s a natural disaster or a fire or some other incident and people inside the mall can’t call out for help; they can’t communicate with their loved ones to tell them they’re ok or broadcast their location to emergency responders.

November 16, 2015

It is a collaborative working relationship. Green Mountain has always been very responsive to departmental requests. They have been a pleasure to work with.