Maintenance Services

Our maintenance services give you the confidence that your network will continue to operate, even when the unexpected happens.

In addition to EF&I (Engineer, Furnish & Install), Green Mountain can also provide you with comprehensive maintenance services that encompass troubleshooting and multi-tiered support. Our services range from next-day support to 24/7/365-day comprehensive monitoring and maintenance plans. Green Mountain helps by managing and maintaining your complete communications network, including tower, antenna, cable, access, electronics, network, generator support, and more.

Green Mountain Expands Wireless ATMS System to I-95 for New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT)

The New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) sought to expand its multi-faceted approach to managing state roadways by installing another ATMS along the I-95 corridor. NHDOT once again partnered with Green Mountain to design and deploy an ATMS that would improve traffic monitoring and emergency communication along I-95 and, essentially, throughout all major transportation corridors in New Hampshire.

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I know in everyday operations people never get the praise they deserve, the tower crew that you sent down to install the cable for the Holcomb Hill Tower far exceeded all expectations. Their professionalism and pride was very clear at the quality of their work. This was my first experience in observing tower crews at work and the safety precautions and communications between the two was very impressive, they went above and beyond any expectation I had and would like to pass along the high praise they deserve.  Their work ethic and quality assurance speaks volumes for the reputation of Green Mountain.

Police Chief Robert Garriepy Town of Huntington, MA April 3, 2019