FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Visits Green Mountain Communications

September 13, 2018 – (Pembroke, NH) – FCC Chairman Ajit Pai today visited the headquarters of Green Mountain Communications during a trip through the state of New Hampshire.

Chairman Pai heard from the executives and employees from Green Mountain Communications the opportunities and the concerns facing the Company for the 5G deployment in providing services for the building, maintaining and deploying wireless systems in New England.

The meeting included the benefits that Green Mountain Communications has as a member of the NATE Star Initiative and the credentialing process that several of their employees have gone through with the National Wireless Safety Alliance (NWSA).

“Our team today was thrilled to have the opportunity to share with Chairman Pai their perspective as a contractor in the wireless future,” stated Victor Drouin, President and Owner of Green Mountain Communications. “I am thankful the Chairman is taking the time to hear from multiple stakeholders that support the wireless future across our Country,” added Victor.

To view a collection of photos from Chairman Pai’s visit, check out Green Mountain’s Facebook page. For more information on the Federal Communications Commission, visit For more information on Green Mountain Communications, visit

About Green Mountain

Green Mountain is an end-to-end wired/wireless solutions provider, delivering integrated communication solutions for businesses in the Northeast region.