Green Mountain ITT40 Contract with Massachusetts Now Includes GTS Products, High-Performance Two-Way Radio Batteries and Chargers

September 16, 2014 – (Pembroke, NH) – Green Mountain, a premier integrated communication solutions provider, is pleased to announce that its ITT40 contract with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts now includes Global Technology Systems (GTS) high-performance two-way radio batteries and chargers that are compatible with all of the leading two-way radio OEMs.

These products are available to local municipalities in Massachusetts, as well as other states eligible to use the ITT40 contract, directly through Green Mountain. The Green Mountain ITT40 contract simplifies the purchasing process by allowing municipalities to work directly with Green Mountain to quickly and easily procure batteries and chargers from a full line of quality products using pricing, terms, and conditions that are already negotiated and approved by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. GTS products were added to the ITT40 contract on July 1, 2014.

GTS has supplied state and local agencies throughout the United States with the most reliable and advanced mobile power products for more than 10 years. Their products typically have two-times the run-time and life, and half the weight of conventional OEM batteries. GTS chargers are universal and provide ultimate flexibility between radios. Additionally, GTS provides on-site services to ensure power accountability and readiness in all mobile public safety applications.

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“Our partnership with Green Mountain will allow us to more easily equip Massachusetts state agencies and municipalities with reliable, high-performance GTS batteries and services,” states Michael Grosberg, president and chief operating officer at GTS.

“The partnership that we have formed with GTS will enable Massachusetts municipalities to more efficiently purchase their two-way radio battery and charger products through Green Mountain and the ITT40 contract,” states Victor Drouin, president of Green Mountain. “These efficiencies will benefit the public safety needs of communities throughout Massachusetts.”

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Global Technology Systems is the trusted expert in mobile power technology. GTS designs and manufactures high-performance batteries, chargers, and power management technologies for essential mobile devices. Millions of business professionals, public safety, government, and military worldwide rely on GTS to power mission critical communications and mobile computing applications. Founded in 2000, GTS is headquartered in Framingham, MA. For more information on GTS, visit

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