E-learning, user authentication, and video applications are essential tools for your educational institution, so your wireless network needs to make it all possible.

The demand for high-speed Wi-Fi for education is here to stay, whether it’s for K-12 schools or higher education institutions. Your academic facility is having to deal with how best to provide a wireless network that is capable of handling the broadband usage of your administrators, faculty, students, and guests, while also supporting the increased bandwidth that mobile applications require to operate consistently and securely.

Green Mountain Communication’s integrated educational services include the design, furnishing, and installation of these advanced wireless technologies.


Green Mountain Integrates Campus-Wide Wi-Fi Network for Phillips Exeter Academy

Phillips Exeter Academy (PEA), a co-ed boarding school in New Hampshire, wanted to shift their primary network medium from a wired network to a campus-wide Wi-Fi network. Learn how Green Mountain helped PEA reach their goal of providing end users with a wireless experience equivalent to the previous wired network and accommodate the rapid growth of wireless communication devices and Bring Your Own Devices (BYODs) on campus.

It is a collaborative working relationship. Green Mountain has always been very responsive to departmental requests. They have been a pleasure to work with.

NH Department of Transportation (NHDOT)