Tower Construction

From new sites to camouflaged structures, your next tower project with Green Mountain will meet your needs.

Green Mountain’s tower construction services include new site builds, camouflaged structures, and antenna installation, as well as maintenance. Our other services include, but are not limited to, environmental assessments, permitting, and construction. Whether an antenna needs to be camouflaged on a rooftop, water tank, flagpole, or other structure, Green Mountain’s professional team of engineers will provide you with the best quality installation and maintenance services for your needs.tower services

Green Mountain Designs and Delivers NHSafeNet Statewide Public Safety Broadband Network

Learn how Green Mountain was challenged with constructing NHSafeNet, a wireless public safety microwave network contracted by the University System of New Hampshire and implemented under the University of New Hampshire (UNH) led U.S. Department of Commerce’s Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) grant titled, “Network New Hampshire Now (NNHN).”

I know in everyday operations people never get the praise they deserve, the tower crew that you sent down to install the cable for the Holcomb Hill Tower far exceeded all expectations. Their professionalism and pride was very clear at the quality of their work. This was my first experience in observing tower crews at work and the safety precautions and communications between the two was very impressive, they went above and beyond any expectation I had and would like to pass along the high praise they deserve.  Their work ethic and quality assurance speaks volumes for the reputation of Green Mountain.

Town of Huntington, MA