Green Mountain Celebrates One-Year Anniversary of the Completion of NHDOT Advanced Traffic Management System Along I-95 Corridor

December 17, 2013 – (Pembroke, NH) – Green Mountain, a premier integrated communication solutions provider, is pleased to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the completion of the New Hampshire Department of Transportation’s (NHDOT) expansion of an advanced traffic management system (ATMS) from the I-93 corridor to the I-95 corridor.

The ATMS installation project included I-95 from the Massachusetts State Line to the Maine State Line, Spaulding Turnpike from I-95 to Exit 16 in Rochester, Route 101 from I-95 to Exit 10 in Exeter, and US Route 4 from the Spaulding Turnpike. Green Mountain integrated the installation of Dynamic Message Signs (DMS), Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras, and a communications network that enhanced connectivity and response time in order to support the entire ATMS in southern New Hampshire.

Additionally, Green Mountain’s strategic network design included Internet Protocol (IP) cameras, DMS, poles and structure erection, security, tie-in to the NHDOT Traffic Management Center (TMC) in Concord, and system maintenance and warranty for up to five years. The completed ATMS system contributes to the NHDOT’s ability to control and monitor traffic, improve response times and emergency management, and enable better communication with local municipalities, adjacent states, and media about traffic operating conditions.

“Now at the one-year anniversary of this project, we are thrilled by its success and the benefits that it has provided to our communities and major roadways throughout the State,” states Denise Markow, ITS/TMC program manager of the NHDOT. “Partnering with Green Mountain to install ATMS systems along I-95, as well as I-93, has increased communications across all levels to make travel throughout New Hampshire safer and more enjoyable.”

“We are pleased to have been a part of the continuation of an ATMS system along I-95 after the completion of the one for I-93,” states Jason Lander, senior project manager of Green Mountain. “The expansion of the new traffic management system along I-95 has greatly enhanced the State’s ability to better manage traffic volume and congestion in major transportation corridors.”

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