REIT Fallen Tower Support

REIT Fallen Tower

Green Mountain was called to respond to reports that a 200’ self-support tower had fallen at Plausawa Hill in Pembroke, NH. When we arrived, we found that the approximately 30-year old tower had fallen and taken out two smaller towers with it. We were hired to secure the area and to work with engineering firms to perform exploratory trenching to help determine the cause of the failure.

Over the next few months, Green Mountain worked with the tower owners and multiple wireless service providers to clean up the debris and to temporarily relocate the customers that were displaced. The tower that fell was a critical part of providing cell coverage and E911 to the area. When the tower fell, many customers and agencies were without that coverage. On site, there was an existing 180’ guyed tower that was still standing that became the temporary home of the carriers. Green Mountain worked with the tower owner, engineers and local agencies to gain approval to quickly install the new equipment to provide that critical coverage that was lost.




Pembroke, NH


Completed 2023

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