The Town of Goffstown Police and Fire Departments Voice Network

Gofftsown Voice Network Project

The Town of Goffstown Police and Fire departments required a state-of-the-art wide area voice network utilizing analog simulcast technology and repeater technology (Fire) as well as P25 Simulcast repeater technology (Police) using Linear Simulcast. The integrated network is a highly reliable, fault tolerant system that meets current needs and provides a growth path for future expansion.

We supported this project by installing a new two-way radio and microwave network. Part of this project was to install two new communication towers: one 150’ self-support tower and one 100’ self-support tower, including microwave antenna installations and electrical work, at the following locations: Goffstown Fire Department headquarters, St. Anselm College, Goffstown Middle School, Mount Uncanoonuc, and Dunbarton. The purpose of adding radio equipment to the remote location was to enhance two-way radio coverage throughout the Town for the police and fire departments. Also, this new system helps the school out as well as they will now have a direct secure line of communication with the police dispatch in case of an emergency event. The Goffstown Police dispatch serves as a regional dispatch center for surrounding towns so this new system-wide radio upgrade will be a great improvement for their communication system.


Town of Goffstown Police and Fire departments


Goffstown, NH


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